Smooth Body Avoid Dust Accumulation


Smooth Body Avoids Dust Accumulation

Normal LED lighting often have holes and fins on the lamp body due to heat dissipation. This structure is prone to dust, cobwebs, dirt and remains, which are not easy to be removed. These things will become the carrier of pathogenic bacteria. Under certain conditions, these pathogenic bacteria become the source of infectious diseases. Hybrite poultry lighting has very smooth body with no hard-to-reach spot to hide dirt. 

Why use poultry LED lighting?


Why use the LED poutlry lighting

① For Farmers

save electricity bill: 

many people would be astonished when the first time they saw the price, but actually, the electricity bill would be much more delighted. Also, the professional poultry lighting could have longer life span than the normal light, in this case, much cost on the replacement, labor and repair.


professional lighting could be easy to be cleane

② For Poultry

poultry are more sensitive to the lighting than human beings.  That means the lighting need to be adapted to the different period of poultry growth to protect their sight

Are you bothered with the following lighting problems?


Are you bothered with any of the following lighting problems?

1. broken from time to time
2. broken after house cleaning especially after water washing
3. replacing lights too frequently costing much labor
4. light brightness fades too fast in a short time
5. not satisfied lighting effect affecting normal production
6. unsatisfied energy bill because of low lighting efficiency
7. worrying dirt pile on lighting become source of disease carrier
8. choosing civil bulbs because of too expensive poultry lights
9. searching for good poultry lights to enhance your farm illumination

If these problems happen in your farms, you may need to update your lighting with poultry LED lighting. Many lighting in the market are glued to be waterproof, which is not reliable. We could easily learn from the outdoor lighting, such as floodlight and streetlight, which are waterproof with silicone gasket.

Poultry Hygiene After Covid – 19

Q: Do you think poultry farm cleaning is more important after Covid-19?
A: You may improve your lighting to stay strong in washing and disinfection
We all know covid-19 spread around all over the world.  Such intense situation reminds us the significance of disinfection, not only for the human environment, but also for the poultry farm.  Farm owners should pay more attention on cleaning than ever to keep any possible virus away from their poultry.
But we hear from some customers before,  most lighting from the shop will be more or less damaged after each cleaning, and they have to spend much time and labor fee to change them. Then the farm will full of all kinds of bulbs.
Actually, these lighting fixtures from the noraml shop are mainly for the commercial or household,  not suitable for the poultry farm. 
Poultry farm are constantly humid and with much dust. The lighting will be on work for longer time. The most difference is that farm will be cleaned or disinfected.  In such situation, the lighting fixture should be specially improved to 
stay strong in washing and disinfection.
If you have farm, it would be better to choose the poultry lighting. It would save more time and spend less money.

Replacement to Tri-proof Lights


Smooth Body —— It’s unique design !

Lower Price Than Tri-proof Lights

CE, TUV, UL, IP67 Certified Driver

140 lm/W

Small Size

Easy Installation

Agriculture, Food Processing … etc Applications

Outlight Your Brand With Big Logo

Smooth Body Poultry Lighting


Smooth Body Poultry Lighting
IP65 Waterproof LED Linear LED Bulb
Easy Cleaning
Anti Ammonia Corrosion
Anti Pressure Water Wash
Contact us for more details.

Poultry LED Linear 40W


Poultry LED Linear 40W:
IP65 Waterproof, Smooth body for excellent dust-proof
up to 140lm/W, Multi easy installation methods
Contact us for more details.

Poultry shed in four lighting situations​


Poultry Shed   L 150m  M 16m  H 3.7/2.2m

We used both 7W & 12W bulbs for the iluminaire calculation

3 x 30 pieces of 7 W
3 x 40 pieces of 7 W
3 x 30 pieces of 12 W
3 x 40 pieces of 12 W

The result is as shown in the picture above.

You are welcome to tell us your farm shed size.
We’ll use our bulbs to make a free lighting simulation with data report for you.

Do you know poultry farm need special lighting?





Have you ever seen that the weight of 12W poultry farm bulb is 185g? And the normal bulb is only 70g?


You may ask why this so called poultry bulb is much heavier than the normal bulb?

Actually, the heavy weight is determined by the pure alluminum heat sink.

You may also ask why use pure alluminum? Is it good for the poultry bulb?

As we known, metal has better heat dissipation than the non-metal, including plastic. This could protect the lighting from the high-temperatrue environment to prolong life span.


You may ask why the bulb need to cool down with the heat sink?

Actually, it is the electric component would constantly generate heat while at work, including the LED chips. When the lighting is on, the centre of the chip would reach around 80°C-90°C. Only enough space or heat sink could prevent unnecessary situation, like low brightness, burn out, etc.



Nowadays, most farms are indoor, with limited sunshine, so the most light is from the lighting. The lighting has to be at work day in and day out. The electric component will generate the mass of heat.

The bulb housing in the market is made from plastic. Plastic bulb is good for domestic illumination, but not the case of the poultry farm.

Based on this consideration, we choose pure alluminum as our heat sink. Then the chips will not lose its efficiency so fast. and also, the life span of bulb could be prolonged.

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