Have you ever seen that the weight of 12W poultry farm bulb is 185g? And the normal bulb is only 70g?


You may ask why this so called poultry bulb is much heavier than the normal bulb?

Actually, the heavy weight is determined by the pure alluminum heat sink.

You may also ask why use pure alluminum? Is it good for the poultry bulb?

As we known, metal has better heat dissipation than the non-metal, including plastic. This could protect the lighting from the high-temperatrue environment to prolong life span.


You may ask why the bulb need to cool down with the heat sink?

Actually, it is the electric component would constantly generate heat while at work, including the LED chips. When the lighting is on, the centre of the chip would reach around 80°C-90°C. Only enough space or heat sink could prevent unnecessary situation, like low brightness, burn out, etc.



Nowadays, most farms are indoor, with limited sunshine, so the most light is from the lighting. The lighting has to be at work day in and day out. The electric component will generate the mass of heat.

The bulb housing in the market is made from plastic. Plastic bulb is good for domestic illumination, but not the case of the poultry farm.

Based on this consideration, we choose pure alluminum as our heat sink. Then the chips will not lose its efficiency so fast. and also, the life span of bulb could be prolonged.

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