Q: Do you think poultry farm cleaning is more important after Covid-19?
A: You may improve your lighting to stay strong in washing and disinfection
We all know covid-19 spread around all over the world.  Such intense situation reminds us the significance of disinfection, not only for the human environment, but also for the poultry farm.  Farm owners should pay more attention on cleaning than ever to keep any possible virus away from their poultry.
But we hear from some customers before,  most lighting from the shop will be more or less damaged after each cleaning, and they have to spend much time and labor fee to change them. Then the farm will full of all kinds of bulbs.
Actually, these lighting fixtures from the noraml shop are mainly for the commercial or household,  not suitable for the poultry farm. 
Poultry farm are constantly humid and with much dust. The lighting will be on work for longer time. The most difference is that farm will be cleaned or disinfected.  In such situation, the lighting fixture should be specially improved to 
stay strong in washing and disinfection.
If you have farm, it would be better to choose the poultry lighting. It would save more time and spend less money.
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