Consideration of Poultry Bulb

With today’s fast developement of LED technique, the price of bulbs is not so higher as before. Most farmers are going to consider changing the old-fashion lighting to the LED bulbs. Here are several points to be concerned:

1. Depreciation: all the electronic gadegets has common feature: its performance will be lower quickly when it comes to constant overheat. For instance, plastic conducts heat much less than metal. Thus the heat generated from the driver is trapped in the low-cost plastic housing for long time. In this case, the bulb will speed up the depreciation, even light failure. While metal housing could slow down the depreciation.
2. Output
LED light output is influenced by various elements, such as the heat and its own decay. After 1-2 years, the brightness will go down 10%-20% which bring about the dark area. Chincken in those area will obviously tend to less activity and food intake.
Dimmable lighting could lay great impact on the meat chicken growth. They are more sensitive to the light than human. Gradually turning down the lighting through the dimmer will not frighthen the chicken so much. But only right dimmer compatiable to the bulbs have longer live span instead of early light failure.